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RGB Color Mixing
Lindsay Diamond
Keyboard Instrument
Lindsay Diamond
Snazzy Sneakers maker challenge
Denise W. Carlson
Adding Helpful Carrier Devices to Crutches maker challenge
Denise W. Carlson
T-Shirt Launcher maker challenge
Denise W. Carlson
Redesigning a Dorm Room for the Blind
Manuel Alejandro Figueroa
Elementary School Engineering Design Field Day.
Kelley Hestmark, Destiny Garcia, Alexander Kon
LilyTiny Plush Monster
Lindsay Diamond
Molecular Models and 3-D Printing
Conrad Faine
Using Color to Enhance Light Quality
Bertina Banks
Geometry Tools
Mindy Zarske
Redbot Dance Challenge
Lindsay Diamond
Big Data, What Are You Saying?
Tom J. Falcone
Night-Light Pennant with LilyMini ProtoSnap
Lindsay Diamond
Cooking Mining: Ore Production & Cost-Benefit Analysis
Hannah Brooks
Solar Farm Cost-Benefit Analysis
Hannah Brooks
Nuclear Energy through a Virtual Field Trip > Chernobyl Empathy
Hannah Brooks
How Do Deserts Impact Hydropower? standalone activity
Hannah Brooks
Algae: Tiny Plants with Big Energy Potential
Lauren K. Jabusch
Light-Up Plush Pals
Lindsay Diamond
Cool Puppy! maker challenge (formerly lesson&activity)
Cynthia Dickman
Mmm Cupcakes: What's Their Impact?
Sara A. Pace
Composite Crash Test Cars
Beth Patterson
Bone Transplant Engineering Activity
Deanna Grandalen
Statistical Analysis of Soil Sensors
Trent Kosel
Semi-Permaeable Membrane Activity
Kelsey Mongeon
Rocky Beach
Mike Herbst
An Introduction to 3D Bioprinting: Design, Applications, and Limitations & Help Bill!: Bioprinting Skin, Muscle, and Bone
Nick Asby
Out-of-the-Box: A Furniture Design + Engineering Challenge
Jenny Montgomery
Build your own Solar USB Charger
Neal Sherman, Karen Beitler
Can You Hear Me Now?
Kellee Callahan